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Customer Review

8 December 2018
Wanted to learn how to solve it so decided to buy one, went with the original because...its the original. Arrived 3 days after order.

Read a lot of reports on here about people getting fakes, I can confirm the cube I received is the official Rubix’s

- It's the official cube, meaning good quality materials used.
- The tiles colours are plastic rather than stickers so no peeling
- The cube looks great! each tile has a glossy finish and the colours are vivid and clear

- I was expecting a solid cube with each twist and turn snapping satisfyingly into place... what I'm experiencing is the total opposite!

Its so slack it feels like it about to fall apart! It moves easily but the turns just feel horrible! Whats worse is I find myself constantly having to level the squares out after a few turns as it wont turn unless the squares are all level. It's VERY annoying especially when you’re trying to input algorithms.

The white centre square tile opens and you can tighten it with a screwdriver which I’ve done but doesn't make much difference, still feels slack.

- On some of the other cubes I’ve seen the squares have slightly different shapes or stickers to represent the different pieces (centre squares, corner pieces & edge pieces.) Having the pieces labelled like this would make a massive difference to me knowing what I know now.

Overall: Official doesn't always mean the best and its evident in this case. It’ll be fine for kids but for anyone who actually wants to learn how to solve these things without just twisting/turning and hoping for the best I would avoid this one. I'm sure there's other brands out there that do it waay better now.

I really like the look of it though so i'll keep it and get another. :0)
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4.4 out of 5 stars
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