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Customer Review

12 March 2017
This Book is Supreme. This is not hero worship either. This Author speaks from the heart, daring to address more issues of the world than I could dare to think of. It is in your face. No political correctness here. In plain english Mango addresses the one and only correct path to perfection when it comes to a peaceful coexisting way of life, and the only true karmically-free, correct way to eat. Such a way of life brings on healing for our body, mind and spirit for everyone, including thoses with stuborn health issues that no other diet tried, seems to bring relief from. I speak of those whose many efforts at different lifestyles have not worked for them, and those poor souls who are accussed of not trying hard and long enough at each of those programs. Those that are left on the sidewalk to waste away as unhelpable misfits. I know this to be true, because I suffered from health problems (some extreme) that could not be solved by other strictly followed, long-term diet plans. I tried lots, from paleolithic, to high fat, to omnivore, to vegetarian, to vegan, to raw vegan, to high in seeds and nuts and oils, to Mc Douhgall, and to Robert Morse. All seemed to leed towards an all-fruit lifestyle. Mango's book was the only literature I could find on the topic. I went ahead and bought it. From the first chapter, until the last I was engrossed by the most massive information download I have ever had, about some of many topics I had never even thought about. However, a lot of his book rang true to my own beliefs I had when I was a child, about Eden and an all-fruit lifestyle. That was drowned out as I grew up, and a yearning back to that way of thinking, only came about through the painful years of growing up with an ever increasing number of health problems, and spirtual mis-guidance. So I read on, through his book. His journey sounded just like mine, almost as if I were reading my own biography. It was quite surreal.

Anyway, I have applied his guidance of an all-fruit lifestyle and no chemical applications, for months at a time. Through doing this, relief from my health problems was finally brought about. Anything I say will not convey how happy I was to escape the clutches of ill health and even some addictions. Suffice it to say, his methodology was the only path that finally worked for me.
I now find that when I stray from this path, only a few symptons start to creep back in. I now know exactly why this happens. This book has the answers. If you want an amazing, spirit-opening journey to embark on in this life, I feel it would be an incredible waste to skip over this book.
If you want the peak of the mountain of knowledge for mind, body and spirit, buy it. If you are a lover of truth, no matter where that truth leads you, even at first, if you don't like it, buy this book. If you are a true lover of truth, this book will transform you, and the world will fall in suit as the positive changes you make to your own life reverberate to those around you.
When I was an omnivore, I looked 15 years older than what I was. When I went to veganism I looked about 5 years younger than what I was. When I went to mostly all fruit 80+% with long intermittent periods of all-fruit living, I now look 15 years younger than what I am......
Don't believe me? Do it for yourself.

I love it now when I meet new people at work who complain to me about getting colds too often, back problems, digestive problems, being too fat, tiredness, etc. Those who listen to my excitedly expressed self testimony, try the lifestyle out for a few days to a week. They get back to me in e-mails telling me how their problems were massively reduced, some completely cured. Then unfortunately, because of their habbits and lifestyle revert back to their old ways. I like to think though, I have left an impact on them and with time, as they age and suffer more, they will remember the key to reducing their pain and maybe even change their lifestyle for good. Just spreading that light as much as I can to help the world towards Eden, just that little bit more, is the best I can do. I never have written a review for public consumption when it comes to this sort of thing. The only reason I am doing it this time, is because it was the only lifestlye that fixed me. I threw out all my other (now considered) crappy health books. Mangos book, along with an undergrad book on A&P is now, the only two books on my bookshelve. So much less to read, and yet so much more knowledge than all the other mis-fit health books combined.

Some have critiszised Mango's style of writing. Trust me, if you need desperate real help, and truth that will rattle your cage like never before, you won't care how he writes. Only a casual reveiwer would. Myself personally, I think his style of writing is awesome, unique, daring and in your face. But if you do not want the hard facts, then you need to run to find something that will just tiggle your ears and have a feeeeeel good factor, with lots of self-convinced compromises to harming other life.

Best wishes on your journey.
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