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29 November 2018
Firstly I have to say that I was underwhelmed on the first day. The bass wasn't as great as reviews led me to believe. I didn't want thumping great bass on my desktop but I did want to notice it. I run Boom 3D on my Mac and that does alter the sound for the better but there is a bit of an issue with the latest OS (Mojave) in that the sound is skipping a little every few minutes. With Boom 3D running these speakers sound huge, the bass is incredible, mids and trebles are gorgeous. To cut a long story short, I spent many hours moving these speakers around to get the best possible sound. Just an inch or so can make a massive difference (that's what... ah, never mind haha). Anyway, I've found the sweet spot. I'm very, very happy, even without Boom 3D running. One slight issue. I'm getting a bit of an annoying whine which is barely noticeable until 75% volume when it starts to kick in more aggresively (only noticeable when nothing being played through them). This whine doesn't occur in bluetooth mode, only when switched to accept an auxillary input. Doesn't matter whether there is a 3.5 mm cable plugged in or not. I'm not going to be returning them as I've got Tinnutis and the slight whine through the speakers is no competition for that.
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