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Customer Review

22 May 2017
A quiet peaceful country road suddenly becomes a nightmare of flames and carnage with a multiple car crash leaving 4 dead and 1 fighting for his life.

DI Gillian Marsh is sent to investigate this unbelievable tragedy.

Gillian Marsh is a good detective and a single mum with a teenage daughter giving her heartache as she seems to be suffering from anorexia. Another headache that Gillian does not need as she worries about her frantically whilst she has to investigate an unusual and mystifying death scene.

The novel takes us into the lives of the families of the deceased and the one fighting for his life, giving us first-hand insight into what was happening with them all as they went about their daily business before the accident.

The great thing about this novel is that you just don't know how it is going to end until the very last chapter. I couldn't even hazard a guess at the outcome!

The characters in the book are very real; each with their own often complex agenda. The author describes her characters in a down to earth and very convincing way.

When Gillian's boss declares the case is closed, Gillian's intuition goes into overdrive. She knows her Superintendent wants a quick report to put the case to bed (he always does) that makes him and his team look super-efficient, but niggling thoughts keep rolling around in the back of her mind that don't make sense and won't go away.

The novel is a quirky and different story that distinguishes it from other murder mysteries in that there isn't the usual pattern of investigator and side kick that leads us to the person 'who done it' by process of elimination - (Midsomer Murders, Morse etc.) and I found this very refreshing.

I'm looking forward to reading more investigations from DI Marsh! Well done Anna Legat! Very impressive!


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4.5 out of 5 stars