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23 April 2012
This is one of schwarzeneggers best ever movies, such a unique film with loads of cool memerable action scenes and dialogue, the soundtrack is also another cool element to the film, Its a shame that there is never any special features, hopefully one day they will release a 2-disc collectors edition, but until then if you do not have this or have not seen it then its a must have film. Sci-Fi gem!!

UPDATED 28/02/14

Running Man - uncut edition (English audio) Blu-ray

This is for the Blu-ray version which is pictured with original artwork and green writing on the front saying running man, you don't actually get a cover like that so I don't know why its pictured, you get a slimline case with the original art still, the details say its 101 minutes uncut, this is TRUE, the only and fullest version of this movie runs at 1 hour 41 minutes 101 minutes, it says 96 on back but that's without credits which are officially accounted in the running time of any film. Uncut doesn't mean its longer in any way there is no longer version, if you buy any 101 minute version then your ok, there is an 86 minute version online somewhere and that is most certainly cut. The picture quality on this is also very good compared to the DVD version, it may not be the best picture ever but at least the black colours ok and there is no grain on the picture, its a better step up from DVD for now, lets hope soon the UK get an ultimate version!


The Audio IS in English you just use the Audio button on your remote to change it

Ignore other reviewers saying its not uncut as they clearly haven't watched any other version to realise what they are talking about, 101 minutes means it is uncut, no longer version of this movie exists!!!
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