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5 July 2019
Arrives very well packed with all the cables you need. All good quality items and certainly looks impressive.

I really wasn't expecting much from these, and I tried not to get too excited ahead of the inevitable fall, but these speakers really are great value for money. Precise, detailed and lively. No wonder they have received such good reviews. Their balance is definitely aimed at "fun". They’re pretty amazing for the money. The bass is crisp. In fact so crisp that you may be forgiven for thinking there isn't any, but there most certainly is. It’s amazing for the size of these speakers. Would they keep a bass-head happy? No, you would need a subwoofer for that, but they are certainly great for most people.
When switched on the speakers are about volume setting on the analogue input was a tad low. I found that this is fine for most listening all you needed to do was change the TV or PC volume without the need for the remote. It remembers the settings if you go to standby, but it forgets them and resets if you cycle the power. So using the analogue input you may need to use the remote all the time. The digital input on the other hand was much more sensitive and you don’t need the remote at all. This of course may be different for your PC and TV but based on my experiments I would suggest using the digital in.
The digital and analogue inputs do sound different, which is hardly surprising, but there wasn’t that much difference. I didn’t spend too much time comparing them because you have to switch leads since the inputs have a shared socket. I stuck with the analogue input, while not being quite as good, I found that the digital input "popped" when changing media sometimes, and I just prefer the speakers not to do that.
The speakers use about 3W in standby mode which means it is practical to leave them on all the time in standby. The odd thing is that they also use 3W if you leave them on with the source off. I guess when I was measuring power what I was really measuring was the minimum power the PSU would take. Whatever, 3W isn’t much.
One thing strange I noticed is that one reviewer mentioned them going in to standby by themselves. Edifer seem to changed that because mine don’t. I left them on for two hours with the volume muted and they sat there “on” standby. It doesn’t really matter since the PSU always uses a minimum of 3W even whether the speakers are in standby or not.
Another reviewer mentioned a constant noise from the speakers. There certainly is a noise but it’s only what you would get from other speakers and TV’s ~ and is related to how high the volume is. I very much doubt you would find it a problem. I tend to notice it only at quiet times of the day and the solution is pretty simple, turn the speakers off or in to standby using the remote.
By the way, they automatically come out of standby mode when you feed them a digital signal (I didn’t try analogue) albeit they take about five seconds. If you left the sound on previously then you need to mute it and then turn it on to get the speakers to come out of standby. I soon got used to two presses on my PC mute to get them to come out of standby!
I didn't really try the switches on the side of the speakers, I had already read that they aren't very good. And I never tried Bluetooth either. I believe that’s not to great with these speakers.
I have seen a lack of bass and treble controls as a complaint against these speakers but honestly they just don't need them. Their balance is just great. Course you can always fiddle with the sound on your PC or TV should you insist on fiddling. The imaging is quite precise and this means they are great for games.
Volume is more than high enough given they are just a small pair of speakers. They are probably a lot better than the speakers on your existing TV or monitor and fine for a large room at moderate levels but of course they won't rock your world if you intend having an four hour AC/DC brain blaster.
I think these speakers represent an upper limit for the material you encounter on the Web. I noticed that they really do benefit from a good source, and mostly that just wasn't available in games or sites like Youtube. Playing a Flac file and these speakers show their real potential, but mostly you just aren't going to listen to a source that good when you are just browsing.
I could be super critical here and tell you all the things that’s wrong with these speakers, but really what is the point in comparing them to a mega expensive hi-fi? Of course if you spend a ton of money you will get more of everything, but the entire point of these speakers is they are loads better than your TV/monitor speakers and they are reasonably priced. They are a great looking fun pair of speakers that will get your feet tapping. The are exceptional for their price and certainly a worthy upgrade. As long as you don’t demand too much of them then I am sure you will be more than pleased. I have no hesitation in recommending them. At this price they have no competition.
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