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2 March 2018
An extraordinary book. James Rhodes displays a heroism and determination in the face of utterly appalling problems that most of us will never approach. It's not always a comfortable read, but it is finally a deeply inspiring one. That anyone should go through this and still begin to emerge the other side with some optimism is little short of overwhelming. There are deep truths here about the human condition for those with ears to hear.
As if that wasn't enough, Rhodes' insights into his music are revelatory. I can only speak for myself, but after playing Beethoven Op 110 for some 50 years, I now at last feel that I begin to understand it, thanks entirely to Mr Rhodes. His playing is likewise illuminating. Listen, and ignore the idiots who moan about minor rhythmic irregularities etc. Cloth ears! Music has never been about being a metronome, and even less about being conformist. James Rhodes is clearly neither. All one can do in the end is say 'thankyou'.
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