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Customer Review

26 September 2017
In a world completely obsessed with social media you have to be of extremely strong mind to not get hung up on clean eating, macros and #fitfam. I have had various eating disorders and body inage issues in my life, and even now, aged 30, when I am 6 years weight restored, I still struggle with body image and food, in particular intuitive eating and eating without rules and numbers!

I began following Megan on Instagram after reading about her in a magazine, I think she is an inspiration and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her book. It didn't disappoint.

This book is so very useful, and super important, whatever your situation, because it focuses on what really matters - happiness! Years of counselling and dietician sessions have failed to teach be about intuitive eating, because even recovery has it's rules and guidelines, but for the first time in my life - thanks to this book - I have begun to learn what "normal" eating is, and it's certainly not calorie counting my Dominos!

Megan fights against the media ideals, the "beach body ready" diets and the idea that we all have to look the same. Her book is like having a little pocket counsellor and life coach.

I think this book is so important for men, women, boys and girls, because it unmasks the media campaigns that set us all striving for an ideal that doesn't exist without airbrushing, it focuses on the idea that self acceptance is the most important thing of all.

Thinking of paying for diet club membership? Save your money, order this book and a large pepperoni pizza instead!
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