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18 January 2015
I don't much like this book. It is as flat as the premise on which it is based, that pirates would steal the front of a house to disguise their ship. The varying fonts are annoying to an adult reader and do little to enhance the story. There are many far better Pirate books about so this one has strong competition.

The cover looks promising, small pyjama-ed boy in a little skull and cross bone flagged boat with a ginger cat and a telescope approaching a treasure island by moonlight; which is why I ordered it for my pirate mad grandsons. Sadly it didn't spark to life. The pirates are generic without any great sign of character and the little boy Tom has one of those turnip faces with titchy eyes that are a parody of, rather than a recognisable child.

It even could give a little one proper nightmares. After all being cosy in your bed one minute and having the front peeled off your house the next isn't very reassuring! Sorry, not keen.
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