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1 May 2018
I have had this for a while before I decided to actually read it and I am very pleased I did. The characters are very interesting, especially Manx, who has more baggage than a cargo ship. However unlike other authors Jones does not immediately go full flow into the back story but slowly gives little insights that do not detract from the main story. There is a fair amount of "heavy thinking" in the narrative from Manx, but where this normally drives me mad, I actually read it all and found it rather interesting and profound which took me by surprise. All the characters were believable, as was the storyline. I'm sure I'm not the only one that had trouble with the Welsh, but there wasn't too much and it would not have been authentic without it.
There were some spelling and grammatical errors but very few in comparison to other e books I've read recently. I did have a bit of an issue with the mixture of American terminology and spelling, but as he is a resident of both I can understand it I suppose, although it is one of my pet peeves with books to be honest, the Brits are expected to read American terminology but the Americans can't read English? Surely this is being unfair to the USA, that they can't work it out? Sorry, rant over.
I would highly recommend this book to everyone, so much so that I bought number two immediately and am now off to read that!
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