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Customer Review

13 April 2012
We bought laminate flooring from KAINDL the canyon hickory colour stain, whatever it is for our family room. What a big mistake. Yes easy to install, but it's not a good flooring when you have people constantly walking on it. When high traffic in that certain room the floor is black, so when i wash my laminate floor with the cleaner my rag is disgustingly black. I'm a clean freak, I scrub my floors on hands and knees that's how bad I am, I've checked the rest of my floors in the house, my tiles, the parkay on the second floor, no black residue is on my rag after mopping and even scrubbing just to make sure it's not my house. I've been fighting with Kaindl and they say it's impossible, so basically they have a perfect product, that can't be defective, they must live a perfect world.

I first washed my floor with Murphy's Oil in my family room, apparantly I wasn't suppose to, so now they're are blaming that. But after all this I had to scrub my floors with organic acetone (recommended by Kaindl)and it worked, I was so happy after. So we installed the same flooring in our living room in the house. So I tested the Murphy's oil in little corner in this room where we installed the new flooring (after we thought we found a solution for the family room) and guess what, no black after time where I tested the Murphy's oil, but get this where my children always walk (high traffic area) the floor eventually turns black and that's what your cleaning.

Personally this is disgusting, I have no idea what it is and like I said I'm a clean freak, nothing black is coming from anywhere else in the house and no one is allowed to walk in my house with their shoes on. So basically I'm stuck with these pathetic floorsn that my children play on, KAINDL refuses to do anything about it. So two things one, think twice, you get what you pay for, ya good price, but crappy quality. Two can anyone else who has floors like these test their floors and let me know what comes off. Thanks
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