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25 August 2017
i rush to give the first kindle review, and so hopefully, to encourage others to read 'fleeting ink'. i have just finished reading it myself (some poems, i admit, i read several times), and i expect this review will fail to do it justice. it is the sort of poetry book you want to read over and over again.

i read the author's (miriam joy) online blogs and twitter with interest, as i am interested in writing and irish lit, and i downloaded 'fleeting ink' when i found out that it had been made free on kindle for a short amount of time. i didn't really have any specific expectations: i know that joy is a talented author of ya fiction from the short extracts they sometimes post, but i had not previously encountered any of their poetry.

happily, 'fleeting ink' blew me away. joy is an exceptionally talented poet, and their poetry draws the reader in from the very first word. their use of imagery and metaphor is truly outstanding, and the poems are rich with emotion and beautiful, beautiful words. the poems are deeply personal, but so well-written that even though the reader often doesn't know the context in which they were written, they get full grasp of the emotion that the event is associated with, allowing a glimpse into the mind of a hugely talented and interesting writer. the poems are about despair, longing, and the act of writing itself; seemingly huge topics, but one which joy handles beautifully with their flowing free verse and imagery that seems to hum with life. i honestly can't recommend this collection enough - although it is short, it is the sort of poetry that begs to be read over and over again.

joy is an exceptionally talented writer, and i hope that their poetry is more widely-read and gathers critical acclaim. i look forward to reading their other poetry collections now!

this review fails to do 'fleeting ink', of joy themself, enough justice, but i can only hope that i have managed to put across how truly excellent this collection is. at the moment it is free, so you really can't go wrong - read these poems! joy is an incredibly talented writer, and i hope that their poetry finds the success that it deserves!

ps. please forgive my username - it was created a long time ago, and not by me
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