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9 May 2019
I've given it a couple of months before reviewing these as I wanted to give them a chance over winter. Overall I have been left disappointed with the boots as they have several major design flaws and are just not waterproof.
initially they looked very stylish and the inbuilt sock seemed like a good idea. After a few times out however, the sock started to disintegrate especially at the heal which allowed the hard rubber to poke through and strip the skin off the back of both feet. Latterly the sock has broken up altogether and it's just easier to strip it out and put up with no lining at all, although this makes them extremely uncomfortable.
The zippers that allow the boot to be opened and closed are ridiculously small and of poor quality. One piece of dirt or grime and the zip will stick and it's too small to grip with fingers and pull free. I've resorted to using a pair of pliers before but now just don't bother zipping them up so they waggle about on the feet.
These boots are simply NOT waterproof. Even waffing through wet grass allows water in through the material section at the ankle and water will always get through the zippers. We've had a mild UK winter this year but even so, every trip out in these has left me with wet feet. They certainly wouldn't be any use in harsher climates or a bad winter in England.
So, after four months and around 20 walks, these have been consigned to the garden shed where they will be a pair of uncomfortable work boots. I'll certainly think twice before buying any Trespass item again.
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