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Customer Review

24 August 2018
I bought Olaplex 1 and 2 as a stand alone treatment (my hair dresser also used it on me with a root bleach) and I bought number 3 to use separately alongside my conditioner and moisture treatments. I’ve never regretted buying a product more in my life.
I’ve had my hair bleached professionally for 15 years and never experienced more than a few split ends. After my hairdresser used 1 & 2 in my hair it initially felt amazing and looked really shiny. After a few days it started to snap quite a lot. The point of breakage was the part where the newly bleached hair joined the hair that was previously bleached.. the normal area of overlap.
I assumed that it was just because the stylist had gone up one level in bleach and I contacted Olaplex and they recommended that I keep using 1 & 2 as a stand alone treatment as well as number 3 regularly.
Over about 2 weeks I followed the instructions from the Olaplex rep. I must add that I followed the product instructions exactly and I also conditioned my hair with moisture thoroughly each time I used it to avoid drying.
Every time I used the Olaplex product my hair was snapping more and more.. it sounds stupid but it took me over two weeks to work out that the Olaplex was causing this. I sought out independent advice from a high end salon chain locally to me who offer Olaplex as a service. They advised that although the product is amazing for most people, it can have an adverse effect on a fair few people, even with virgin untreated hair.
Upon subsequent research I have read about hundreds of people who have had the same experience. It is as though the Olaplex fries your hair and leaves it like snapping burnt straw.
Since I stopped using it, my hair has stopped breaking. However I am left with short stubby sections of my hair in various places, mainly on the crown and in the parting. Personally I feel disgusting but I know my hair will grow and I will never use that product again. Using high moisture products since has helped with the overall condition but I can’t get the broken hair back.
The product is overpriced and over rated in my opinion. I would strongly recommend doing a test on your hair before using this product all over. If you buy it, test it on a section and wait a week or so to see if it starts snapping.
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