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13 February 2019
I like the author's style. She gives sound advice, no contact, and be good to yourself. Obviously we'll all do what we need to do, feel what we need to feel when experiencing a break up but here is a step by step guide and things to achieve within a 30-day post break up plan. All sound advice from a knowledgeable source.
Alexandra has a no-nonsense approach and after research and experience she tells us women what we really already know, (that it really is over and going back is a bad move) but we (as women) like to dwell and over-analyse.
One important quote that could make a good meme:
"Once they decide that you are not the one or you are too much trouble, they act badly, then they breakup with you
and they don’t really care what you do afterwards. Crying, begging and threatening does not work at all, so you may as well walk away with your dignity intact."

And I loved this gem - "Have you admired the well-rounded behind of J.Lo? Today, you can take your first steps
towards one of your very own. Download the 30-Day Squat Challenge and complete Day
One. It is only ten reps, but it quickly builds up and you will soon be sporting a very pert
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