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26 January 2011
This book was exactly for me, without even realising it! I purchased this book, looking for a book to help me gain motivation and focus again. This book ended up being perfect for me, as it is aimed at Students and young professionals, ranging from the ages of around 16 - 25.

It really gives you some great VERY SIMPLE tips from some outstanding people (the authors) themselves, which with basic steps to follow and basic descriptions of why to change and where you could be going wrong, will shape the next year for you as a stage for you to become a lot more productive and stress free, as you're more productive than your friends, more efficient (i.e. the pages on a smart learner, who doesn't need to go to every class and do everything they want, but instead finds what he needs to do to learn in the most efficient way for exams and projects).

I have just finished the book, and recommend it to all my friends. Within 2 weeks of starting and finishing this book I have now got a more motivated mindset, are already seeing results, physically and mentally (not quite financially yet, being a student... but it's coming) and feeling happier and prouder of my character that I have helped build stronger.

I recommend this book highly and wish I had read this earlier in my life. This is a must buy for students in particular.
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