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13 June 2019
When Essie wrote that email showing her boyfriend and his mother in not such a favourable light she was sort of joking. But mostly not. That’s fine though, because it was a mock email she’d typed but had never meant to send out.

That was until she woke up the next morning only to discover her brother, staying over at her place, had taken pity on an acquaintance following a drunken night out and offered him a place to stay. Not only is there a strange man staying in her home but he’s now confessing to having hit send on the joke email and sent it out to Essie’s entire email list.

Now everyone knows what she really thinks and Essie soon finds herself homeless, jobless and boyfriend-less.

Starting from scratch Essie moves into the home of the slightly eccentric yet ever so stylish Zillah and into the employment of the very man who created her downfall.

With the help of Zillah, Conor, Scarlet and even Lucas, Essie comes to realise that that tiny email changes everything, and maybe for the better.

As always I find you can’t go wrong with a Jill Mansell book. Her characters are always warm and relatable. There is always a mixture of personalities and I have to say, the kooky, eccentric ones are always my favourite. This is a well written story, one I could have happily stayed with for a long time to come. But as is always the case, each book must come to an end. Fortunately, I know my next Jill Mansell fix is right around the corner.
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