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31 July 2011
I first saw this movie on my honeymoon in a resort... yeah not exactly the most romantic movie to see whilst on a honeymoon, I know. This is the movie that got me switched on to the whole Simon Pegg and Nick Frost combo (having never seen the so much talked about Spaced). I have to admit that I bought the DVD because I was feeling a bit nostalgic.

This movie is a comedy / horror movie (weird combo) but trust me it does work... I find the comedy style in most Simon Pegg movies to be refreshing and somewhat subtle when compared to the in your face slapstick Hollywood comedic styles. Come to think of it there is a bit carried over from this movie to the movie Hot Fuzz [DVD].. the morning sequence (where Shaun gets up in the morning and goes through his daily rituals in fast sequence of shots) and Ed's `Yeah Boooyyyyyyy!' Not that it takes anything away from either of the two movies. I tend to find Hot Fuzz [DVD] funnier than this one, but this is still a funny movie.

I have to agree with the other reviews when they say that there are scenes with quite a bit of realistic gore in them that might make people cringe. Also, there is slight amount of profanity in the movie... but it shouldn't be too much of a problem as the kids will not be around to watch this one for sure!

All in all a funny movie with a change from American style comedies and it kind of has a compromise ending in the end where it isn't the happiest ending in the world, but at least everyone is sort of happy where they are!
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