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Customer Review

16 April 2006
Okay, they took the good bits from Pimin 1, and rebalanced it, added new bits and made it a lot longer.

It takes elements of a real time strategy game, but to label it just as an RTS seems... unfair. It is loads more.

The game is cutesy violent, and well polished. Little things like the evil wasp things rubbish it's hands with mallace while wandering around a map... the new perspective on our own world from a very small perspective.

If I had kids, it would be one of those games I could play with them and keep the controller moving between us. It is real family entertainment - and a socialable game. People whom watch are compelled to warn you of danger, or laugh at some of the rich dynamics in the game. For instance, there's a big red bug that rolls bolders at you. In other games, perhaps the enemies wouldn't get hurt by them. Not in this one! You can try and lead it in to other enemies or even back at itself! Discoveries and rewards like this delight players and spectators alike.

You find yourself getting attached to the little guys, and when you loose some it is sad to see there little ghost rise up and disappear. You also feel great pride when your team takes down something hundreds of times bigger then themselves!

The game as I said at the begining is rebalanced... instead of yellows throwing bombrocks (I found them quite difficult in the first one) they are elemental like the others... yellows don't get hurt by electricity. Reds are fierce and impervious to fire. Blue can't get hurt by water, and so on. There are at least 2 more pikmin types you discover during the game - and other suprises along the way.

Higely satisfying and dare I say addictive - this is one of those innovative games you just don't find outside Nintendo consoles. If you have the first (or don't), I can tell you this one is a huge improvement and would be a decent addition to your collection.
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4.7 out of 5 stars