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Customer Review

4 May 2018
Just in case some of you are wondering about how big the packaging for the contents of this shed is? Well.... The 'Keter Factor' 6 x 4 comes in a large cardboard box that is about 7 x 5 x 2 feet deep. The parts are well protected and all the fixing bits like screws etc are all in a strong plastic bag inside the big box.
Arrived in Very Good time, but on a very windy day. The delivery men x 2 very kindly took the big box into the rear garden rather than just leave it on the drive for all my lovely nosey neighbours to digest.
You really need 2 people to put it all together especially when it comes to the roof, and it took the best part of a day to fully assemble.
One thing you need to make sure of, is that you read the instruction properly! and prepare parts CO and WA.(diagram included)
You may find like we did? that parts CO are a bit of a PAIN to screw in properly as there is not a lot of room to get your fingers in the corners!
We laid the floor out on a prepared level gravel bed that my old wooden shed resided for 32 years. The floor is well made in one piece with the position marked for the door so you don't get it the wrong way round.
Once you got the floor down just check with a Spirit Level that everything is LEVEL otherwise you might have problems later?
The sides went together well, and you can choose which side to have your window.
The roof was a bit more tricky, so you may need to slot both black plastic sheets into the clear plastic top piece first? then mount the whole thing on top of shed.
Make sure you screw the roof down securely from inside and don't forget there are another 16 screws to also fix roof down from outside.
To sum up:
1. Not as nice to look at as a Wooden Shed and possibly not so sturdy.
2. One great thing is no more treating the shed every 2 years. So it's maintenance Free (well i hope it is)?
3. Hope it's not made of bio-degradable plastic or it may turn to dust in time?

Remember read Instructions properly and beware of parts CO and WA as they are fiddly. Also the Roof.

Choose a non windy day and have plenty of Tea and Biscuits (not included)

Update May 25th 2018:

Just to let you know The ''Bloody Snails'' Love My Shed. They are leaving their Slime all over it......GREAT.

Another Update July 15th 2018:

With all this hot weather we have been having recently the shed likes to bulge out quite a bit...... but returns to its original shape in the evening when sun goes down. So roll on the rain to give everything a good test for any possible leakages (hope not) and then i can see my lovely snails return again.

Final Update One Year after: April 30th 2019:

Well, how time flies....it never seems 'One Year Ago' that i received delivery of this little shed.
So, I thought you may like to know how it's getting on?

This little shed has certainly seen some changes in the weather over the last year, what with last years baking hot summer along with some strong winter frost, and all that blustery gale force wind, plus some heavy rain recently.
It has survived so well, the roof never blew off ......there are no cracks in the plastic (that i thought the hot summer may have provided) and it's stayed very clean. Oh, and no leaks.
Now, one good thing is that 'My Lovely Snails' seem to have disappeared thanks to adding some extra chippings all around the edge, and building it up a little. They will have to find somewhere else to hang about at night?

I paid £303 including delivery last year for this shed and i think it was 'Money Well Spent'.

Please take a look at some pics that i have just added that shows the extra chippings built up around the edges.

Well no more up-dates unless i get any problems (which i am sure i won't)

'A BIG THANKS' for reading my review and hope i have been of some good use?
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