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4 September 2018
I bought this book on the basis of reviews heralding it as a worthy contribution to modern feminism. It is anything but. My patience was wearing thin by the time I'd reached the chapter where the 'author' suggests that all women are paying for Brazilian waxes etc. and even scheduling their lives around them - what nonsense. It then went on to state that women are wearing increasingly tiny knickers. While there might be a small proportion of women who wear next to nothing as underwear, I'm certain that the vast majority of women buy and wear ordinary-sized knickers and are not thinking about either the Hollywood porn industry that the 'author' seems so obsessed with or the sexual allure of such underwear on an everyday basis. The final straw came for me in the chapter on bras. The 'author' talks about the effect throwing a bra at a 9 year old boy would have, i.e. the boy would be disgusted and run away as if from a rat. Unfortunately, the author does not leave it there, and goes on to compare such a reaction with that of the Vietnamese child covered in napalm! Everyone has seen that horrific image. Indeed, once you have seen that photograph, it is indelibly etched in your memory. For such cruelty and horror to be used by this so-called 'author' in such a flippant manner, with wilful disregard for decency and humanity, disgusted me to such an extent that I did something I have never done before - I tore the book in two. This woman is a disgrace, and any self-respecting publishing house should never have allowed such offensive material to make it into print.
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