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20 August 2019
From an Undisclosed location in leafy Surrey, summer 2019...
Carefully vetted listeners endured the first utterly improbable
performance sci-fi rendition of the full text, their superpowers
temporarily numbed by weapons-grade turkey curry, bribed
into submission by regular refills of Prosecco or Merlot. They
laughed out loud, choked back tears and gasped with horror,
spellbound (and handcuffed to their chairs) for several hours.
Some technical details ruffled a few earphones in GCHQ – not
them again! - while visiting Martians fled back to their flying
saucers in horror.
Andy knows his IEDs from his elbow. His first book - IRA
The Bombs and the Bullets - was chillingly accurate. This
goes way beyond. His characters move seamlessly between
fact and fantasy.
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4.7 out of 5 stars