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10 June 2019
Warning: the below review may be a bit too gushy for some readers.

This woman can do no wrong. Seriously she could be writing up a legal document and it would be gripping. Her writing is beautiful, lyrical and smart. Her characters are interesting, tangible and complex. We get to really see how and why they do what they do and they're all different, it's not the same girl/boy with the same motivations and same personality. Her romances may be quite quick but I really don't care because I just love reading it.

But it's her ideas/storylines and the way she tells her story which makes her books so amazing. They are stunningly original and she has an amazing way of revealing all these genius plot points spaced throughout the book and you find yourself going 'ohh' over and over. I love the magical elements, the politics between the various races, the histories, the backstories, the ideologies.. It's all so well thought out and woven together beautifully.

I do wonder what it will feel like to reread her books, you know all the reveals so can just relax in the storytelling, the beautiful prose and the wonderful characters.
I honestly find myself smiling whilst reading her books which I have not noticed myself doing with others.
I love this book.. I don't know which is my favourite between this and Strange the Dreamer but either way sign me up as an official member of the Laini Taylor fan club.
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