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Customer Review

18 February 2019
I started to watch this film shortly after it left the cinemas on DVD but only got about 20-30 minutes into it and never saw the rest.
I had completely forgotten about this movie and when searching for other movies to watch with my prime membership it appeared but I still didn't recognise it but added it to my watchlist.
I got about 10 or so minutes into it and thought to myself, oh no I have seen this and nearly quit to find something else instead, however, I continued to watch and realised that it was just the beginning that I remembered so I stuck with it, so I glad I did as it's a great movie.
I do not want to put any spoilers in this review but I will just say that considering how old it actually is 2009 and we are in 2019 it has all the great special effects/CGI and pretty much holds it's own when compared to more recent movies within the same genre.
It is a well thought out and smart story with great action sequences a good cast and very well executed, keeps you gripped and nothing is given away right until the end, that is how a film should be. It is very easy with newer movies to pretty much guess the outcome very early on because of the storyline being predictable so this makes a nice change.
If you are looking for something very entertaining and want to escape from reality for a couple of hours then this is a movie I would recommend.....enjoy!
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3.9 out of 5 stars