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13 June 2017
It's astounding just how entertaining Terminator: Genisys (2015) is and also how despite it essentially rebooting the ailing franchise, that it never jarringly trips up over multiple references to the previous Terminator movies. The on-screen action is hectic enough that you're not given a lot of moments to question the many lapses in plot logic - but hey, this is a Hollywood time travel movie and not a Stephen Poliakoff play. Arnold Schwarzenegger new interpretation of his T800/T101 Terminator character is probably his best ever since the first movie and T2 (1991). Emilia Clarke is excellent as a tough and feisty Sarah Connor and Jai Courtney acquits himself well also as Kyle Reese. Director Alan Taylor thrillingly directs the action with a fast momentum in keeping with the previous movies. Terminator: Genisys had many unacknowledged screenwriters, and the acknowledged two screenwriters, Laeta Kalogriois and Patrick Lussier deservedly share the praise with them for tying up and rewriting decades of plot twists from this franchise.
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