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31 December 2017
Irene is now Librarian in the world of her previous adventures, ably assisted by Dragon Prince Kai. But then Kai is kidnapped by an ambitious Fae, and taken deep into the chaotic worlds where the Dragons can’t rescue him. Irene goes alone, without the blessing of the Library, but with the dubious help of Lord Silver, to effect a rescue, knowing that if she fails, the Dragons will destroy the world from which he was kidnapped.

This time round, the plot is less about finding and stealing rare books, and more about finding and stealing away a captive Dragon. Kai’s role is passive: to wait to be rescued; Irene has to traverse the dangerous world of Fae Venice, disguised as a minor Fae, without knowing even the location of his prison. We get further world-building as we learn more about the Fae and the Dragons, and how they work. Irene’s adventures will win approval of the Dragons if she succeeds, but that of her beloved the Library is another matter…
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