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5 February 2019
How can this trash possibly have garnered so many rave reviews?????

For me, it is among the 10 WORST BOOKS I have ever attempted to read. I gave up after 51% of its badly written nonsense. You've got a tattooist bossing the place, secreting cash, jewels, food etc and hiding it in plain sight under his mattress ... and it was "never discovered" or "stolen"??!! Yeh, right. This is a place where people are fighting for their lives and this book is written like it's a Carry On Death Camp farce, or a naive Mills & Boon romance. Consider these lines which are classic in their complete tripeyness: "Their lovemaking is passionate, desperate. It is a need, so long in the making that it cannot be denied." Urgh, euk and arghhh!!!! Really. Is this the best you can do with the potency and power of language? This is a death camp full of starved, emaciated people, riddled with body lice and doused with unspeakable strenchiness, bonking like it's a typical Sunday afternoon!! Really??? It's not even funny - it's just wretchedly written rubbish.

If you want to capture the full (fictional) horror of the death camp and what it took to survive read William Styron's beautifully written "Sophie's Choice". It is a million times better than this drivel. In fact, read anything other than this. You'll be far happier, I assure you and feel much better rewarded.

This takes the most heinous blot on the history of mankind and trivialises it into an utterly meaningless love affair that stretches all manner of imagination and credibility.

To me it deserves a big fat 0 out 10.

I absolutely hated it.
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