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Customer Review

24 March 2017
Not sure if I can recommend this heart rate monitor or not. Sure, it's full of features, but it's really difficult to use. I challenge you to use it without frequent access to the instruction manual.

The instruction manual is actually wrong in how it tells you how to set the time on the watch! The instruction manual says to enter the time menu and hold the START/STOP button for five seconds. This is WRONG. You depress the START/STOP button, keep it pressed, then press the OPTION/SET button and keep both buttons pressed until the watch displays and flashes "24hr". Then release both buttons. Then START/STOP button allows you to change the setting, and OPTION/SET button allows you to advance to the next setting.

The signal from the heart rate strap to the watch seems a little unreliable too (certainly compared to Polar watches I have had in the past). And finally, why oh why couldn't the manufacturer simply print on to the watch the function of each button! There is no legend at all, and you are constantly having to refer back to the instruction manual.

Award winning? Some body bribed the awarding body! I haven't started to use the other features such as calories and alarms, so yes, it's packed full of features, but always keep the instruction leaflet to hand.

What is needed is a summary for how to operate the watch and here is that summary:

Upper right: cycle through top level menu.
Lower left: cycle through submenus (select the top level menu first, then cycle through the submenus)
Upper left: change the value
Lower right - illumination

It has 4 modes/menus (top level menu)
(1) Training
(2) Result
(3) Setting
(4) Time
You cycle through these pressing the MENU button (upper right button). You can often press the upper right button at any time to return to this top level menu and cycle through these menu items. (except when the display is flashing and you're changing a parameter value)

Menu Option: Time
Here you set the time and date for the watch.
Press and hold upper left button, then press and hold the lower left button and keep both pressed until the display changes to "24hr" which will take approximately 5 seconds.
Effect of buttons:
upper left: set/change the value
lower left: advance to next setting (12/24 hr -> hours -> minutes -> year -> month -> date -> normal (time+date+HR displayed)

Menu Option: Training
This is a Stopwatch mode.
Effect of buttons:
upper left: start/stop stopwatch.
upper left: long press - reset the stopwatch back to zero. Keep button pressed, display will change to "Hold Reset", keep the button pressed and stopwatch will reset (it takes several seconds, it is not instantaneous).

Menu Option: Result Menu
Shows you data obtained from your training activity: amount of time you have spent with your heart rate below the minimum heart rate threshold, the amount of time you have spent with your heart rate above the maximum heart rate threshold, (the training zone is the heart rate range between Lo and Hi set heart rates you have set elsewhere in the watch), the average heart rate over the time period, Kilocalories consumed and fat in grammes burned.

Effect of buttons:
lower left : sequence through the metric values displayed
1. Heart Rate max (HRmax)
2. Amount of of time spent in training zone (with heart rate between Lo and Hi thresholds)
3. Amount of time spent below training zone, with heart rate below Lo threshold
4. Amount of time spent above training zone, with heart rate above Hi threshold
5. Kilocalories consumed
6. Amount of fat burned off in grammes
7. Average heart rate over time period
Menu Option: Setting
In this menu option you set your sex (male or female,) upper and lower (Hi, Lo) heart rate thresholds which define the training zone, your height and weight, units of measurement (kilogrammes or pounds, centimetres or inches)
(You don't have to do this, the PM25 will still allow you to use the heart rate monitor and stopwatch without these being set).
When entering this setting, you are presented with another submenu of options to navigate through.

Effect of buttons:
lower left: cycle through submenu items: User -> Limits -> Units
upper left: enter the sub menu item and flash the first parameter you can change
When parameter value is flashing:
upper left button changes the value
lower left advances to next sub-menu item (see immediately below)
sub-menu items:
(i) Gender M/ F (male or female)

(i) Lo Limit
(ii) Hi Limit

(i) Kg /Lbs (body weight kilogrammes / pounds)
(ii) Cm/inches (height)

if it all goes wrong and you're not sure where you are in the menus, just press upper right button and that will put you back into the top level menu (User -> Time -> Training -> Result -> Settings) and the name of the menu option is displayed.

Alarm Clock:
How to set:
This is set under the Time top level menu.
Press upper right repeatedly until "Time" is displayed.
Press lower left repeatedly (once is usually enough) until "Alarm" is displayed, it's cyclical.
Press and hold upper left, press and hold lower left, keep both pressed until the display starts flashing. It works in exactly the same way as setting the time for the watch.
Then you can use the upper left button to set the value, and the lower left button will sequence through: alarm on/off -> hours ->minutes.
When the value is flashing, use the upper left button to change it.

Disclaimer: I have done everything possible to ensure the above is accurate, but there may be mistakes.
I hope you find this useful.
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