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30 September 2003
I bought this book to better understand mod_perl. I didn't expect such a thick tome to be the result - 924 pages. However, I've read every page.
The book covers many areas of mod_perl with thoroughness I didn't expect. What also surprised me was the amount of experience & advice about general web-serving issues & setup options. I've certainly learned more about this area, and its helped clarify some of my thinking especially about performance & security.
Some areas I was surprised were included, such as using DBM's, which (though interesting) seemed of minimal relevance to a mod_perl book. Same goes for discussions about Inline & XS. Also, you get the impression that the book was written as a number of separate essays, which results in some overlap and repitition - not necessarily a bad thing.
It was also nice to see a good overview of Apache 2 and mod_perl 2.
One thing I was looking forward to was a discussion on sharing memory & dynamic variables between Apache child processes, but unfortunately this was one of the few areas glossed over in the book.
In short, this book could easily have been presented as 2 or 3 smaller ones, so a bargain to any mod_perl user out there, or indeed any apache web-server administrator who wants some experienced advice on configuration for users.
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