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8 September 2013
This is a heartfelt powerful book written by a mum who lost her son to the human form of Mad Cow's Disease. The first third of the book is extraordinarily painful to read, but what follows is even more important, because Christine Lord swings into action as an investigative journalist who wants answers. And the answers she finds are shocking. We discover about the late night visits to the abbattoir with diseased cattle to be slaughtered and fed into the food chain, no questions asked. We discover that eight years before John Gummer fed a beefburger to his daughter Cordelia in an effort to convince the British public that British beef was safe, that same beef was being banned from the menu on board the NERC ships which housed groups of the best scientists in the UK. We learn how the author was threatened both by phone and in person. I can only say that anyone who reads this book will never trust politicians again - and that's a good outcome! I wish Christine every success with her campaign.
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