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12 December 2013
This is one of nicest blu-ray films that I have come across in a while. 'Nice' might be an odd choice of words when talking about Reservoir Dogs but the experience of revisiting, what is arguably , Quentin Tarantino's best film to date, is an absolute pleasure.

The blu-ray initialises with the menu screen as opposed to dropping you straight into the film. This menu is well polished and well thought out. It consists of snapshots of the great scenes which are replete throughout the film and done in such a way that if you have not seen the film in a while, you are instantly re-introduced to much of what you loved about it. It really is very well done.

The quality of the blu-ray release is good. It shows it's age but I am all for that in a picture. Unless a studio is going to go all out with a 4k master, or is it up to 8k these days!?! A sympathetic transfer to the source material is all that is needed and you get that and more here.

It's graphic, it's gritty, it's great.
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