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27 December 2017
I can highly recommend to anyone this 2-in-1 laptop by Lenovo. For clarification, I am writing about the i3 processor version and I refer to the product simply as a laptop.

Unlike its contemporaries in the market, the i3 is fast and can handle web browsing, full HD videos, Microsoft Office apps and drawing. This version, however, is not ideal for gaming or creative elements such as video editing, photo editing or music editing. I would suggest at least the i5 for these features to run effectively. It is worth noting that the battery life is rather poor, depending on the task it can vary from 8 to 3 hours. However, do not let this deter you as the laptop is quick in recharging, even when you're still running tasks. There's also a low power mode to help you make the most of that battery life as well. The keyboard is very responsive and it's a physical connection via tiny buds instead of wireless. The laptop may lack the storage space you desire, but there is an emphasis on cloud storage here, which I personally feel is good for a laptop since laptops break down so easily (we have all had experiences of laptops breaking and losing our data) and you can always use external storage spaces. The low internal storage and processing is why creative elements are not suitable for this laptop, but it's designed very well for those who use word, excel and the sort. The SSD (solid state drive) is FAST - meaning you can open documents quickly and the laptop is virtually silent.

For those who are new to Lenovo and may be on the fence about trusting this brand, they make excellent mid-range computers (in between low and high priced computers). I have had a Lenovo (H50-55) computer for three years that still runs fast today. It's a brand I've grown favour over HP, Acer, and Asus, for their industrial designs and longevity.
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