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Customer Review

18 February 2019
In Flow we are talking about business improvement, right now. We are talking about a book which can give insights of this based on deep and real experience from the authors and their collaborators.
Business Improvement and Transformation in one sense is a big and complex thing, as complex as human beings grouped together to achieve something remarkable. It happens at many levels. Personal, process, product, group, organizational, though ultimately it is the individual's transformation that fuels the rest. To help create the movement for transformation this book advocates for the use of visual walls. It covers more than just this but that is a priority for this review. The visual walls create focus for team members. Including business, it, customer reps, marketeers and executives for new ways of creatively being in synch with customers, themselves and how to dynamically add value for the customers benefit. This is an important part of unlocking movement at scale towards genuine, sustained innovation and transformation that makes a business different, winning and fun to be part of.
I was asked to read this book in advance of a Flow Advocate training course. The course suggested that this is a short book to read alongside another book by Fin and Haydn, 12 Steps to Flow. I read and took notes on the books and my over arching feedback is that there is a lot to consider in Flow, it is yes on one hand a book that is accessible in its content however on the other hand is also not something that is just a quick read without the need to go back to it again and keep considering deeply what the implications are for you and those around you. It is a book that I expect to go back to, working and learning in collaboration with others. This is where genuine deep and valuable learning will occur, most likely in a visual environment standing together, respecting each other, in front of some valuable and up to date facts on a wall or series of walls.
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