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Customer Review

20 November 2018
Essentially one of the worst books I've ever read. After reading half of this thing (i really want to call it a turd), I skim read it. Good news though, the story is so boring and stereotypical that reading one sentence a page is enough to follow the plot. Says it all.
Meet the most unfeminist character you'll ever meet: Katie, obviously petite and pretty, single mom with a traumatic childhood and who obviously is now very guarded. Meet Van, who he obviously hot, muscular... But most importantly manly. Follow Katie's boring and predictive story riddled with demeaning and sexist comments such as "she's a 20 stones woman, she can't be a femme fatale", "I'm female, of course I will blow things out of proportion" "I wonder whether I should use hand sanitizer after looking at the sex toy magazine" "I'm a man, I have no idea on how to make that towel hair turban like women do". Euuuurghhhhhhh we're not in 50s! There's literally no redeeming factors whatsoever. It's not witty, it's not funny... For your own sake don't read this "book". And I'll personally pass on all the others the author had written.
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