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5 October 2018
This device is great, but only records 1080P. Great for video capture for youtube, etc. Performs better than software solutions, without negatively affecting the game or introducing input/video lag.
After a year of using this device i can confirm it has a couple of issues. Firstly, it will sometimes restart the output, which causes a momentary loss of signal to the monitor. This is tolerable most days but some days it will do this every few minutes which does my nut in. Starting a short recording usually stops this cycle.
Secondly it takes quite some fandangling to get it to work properly when you want to output to both external speakers and the hdmi port, this requires third party software such as audiomeeter or messing around with windows's stereo mix settings which it seems to forget randomly after windows updates.
These days there are hardware encoders built into graphics cards that make this somewhat obsolete, but i still stand by the fact that it will record without introducing performance loss and without taking up memory with overlays and programs running under windows. It's also easier to fire up at a pinch by hitting the big red button than some obscure key combination like "ctrl+alt+R".
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