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13 September 2017
Wow! Tommy Turner’s Tremendous Travels is an imagination-saturated, freshly concocted, and incredible adventure for a little boy that celebrates the wonder found in children.

(The name reminds me of Timmy Turner, the cute boy found in the popular American animated cartoon The Fairly Odd Parents.)

The only drawbacks for me were the over-the-top storytelling that I found at times, where school masters rub their hands in glee while doling out punishment, grief-wracked mothers who give in to every demand by an infant daughter, and protagonists who make it as captain of the football team the first time upon entering boarding school. But I quickly forgave these because the story was meant to be zany, with several caricatures.

What was too much at one point were those very bizarre freaks that emerge in the cave after Tommy finishes his brave deed. Sometimes, these oddities made me groan, as there were plenty already throughout the whole book that fit the tone a lot better.

But the imagination in this book is astounding, and the themes of bravery and selflessness were neatly interspersed with silly moments that showed the humour and that the author had fun writing this story. I love speculative fiction, and this book had it in droves. The story positively zips by; it’s that good.
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4.9 out of 5 stars
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