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10 January 2020
I’ve always enjoyed books by these two authors and was very much looking forward to reading The Secret Sister. The story was seamless, and I never would have known that it was written by two people.

Ella is happily married with a little daughter when her mother, Anna dies. While she’s going through her mother’s possessions, Ella discovers a box containing a few items, one of which is a photo of Anna with a baby who she doesn’t recognise and with the baby’s name, name ‘Colleen’ written on the back. She finds a letter from a man she’s never heard of saying they’ve done the right thing. It seems that Ella isn’t an only child after all. She decides to trace her sister and get to know her.

Colleen’s life isn’t as settled as Ella’s though. She’s just left her controlling husband, not that he is about to let her continue with her single life. The woman she had always considered to be her mother tells her that she isn’t, but that a woman called Anna was her true parent and that Anna had recently died. Colleen feels let down by the lies and determines to connect with her birth father. When Ella traces her, Colleen invites her new sister over to Sligo so that they can become acquainted. Neither woman can imagine the events that their meeting will trigger.

This is a fast-paced story full of intrigue and heart-stopping moments. I read it in one sitting determined to discover what would happen to the two women before I could go to sleep. Definitely a must-read book!
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