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21 September 2014
Reunion Of The Heart is a sweet romance and a really enjoyable read. It covers a range of themes from the impact of bullying to infidelity, friendship and forgiveness.

Elaine Jeremiah has a nice writing style and a talent for setting the scene, drawing you into Anna's world with vibrant descriptions of her trips to London, Paris - and her favourite coffee shop.

The story touches on the lives of the heroine's friends but it would have been interesting to know more about them. For example, some dramatic incidents happen to a couple of the supporting characters, but these aren't explored in much detail and don't seem to relate strongly to the main plot. I think a subplot relating to Anna - but not directly about her - could have made the main story even stronger. However, some supporting characters (such as Anna's younger sister who lives in Paris) are really intriguing, despite only a few details being given about their lives.

I found Anna's relationship with Peter particularly believable as an example of how a woman with low confidence may date a man more due to his feelings about her than because she truly reciprocates them. As the reader it's interesting to see Anna's self-confidence and self-awareness develop and grow as the story progresses, leading her to question her decisions and real desires.

All in all, Reunion Of The Heart is a great romantic read which explores themes many readers will relate to.
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4.3 out of 5 stars