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Customer Review

The manufacturer commented on the review below14 November 2017
Updated to 3 stars because the tech support for Qardio is very good :¬)

They have reproduced the WiFi problem below and will fix it at some stage in the future
For now just take the phone to the toilet and keep the app open and it will use blutooth so the scale is usable now

-------------old below----------------
I made 2 accounts male and female - two show stoppers
1) Setup whent ok untill it got to the bit "tap the scale to chose the correct profile"
This does not happen, what you have to actualy do is ...
Step on scale do the wait until it normaly shows the weight... here it shows the list of people... so you have to get off the scale at this point and tap the scale to find the right person then it shows the weight fat % and the name you already chose taping on it.
2) Now the biggie..
When using the scale away from the phone as instructed using wifi...
It "NEVER" logs the reading as YOURS, even with manual setting of the name as in the above paragraphs......
What is realy anoying, you are suposed to "Claim" the readings as your own (It already correctly knows your name) but...
You are suposed to swipe left to claim this reading as yours but there is no option to do this... Only a delete reading icon

This maybe a lack of love for the Android App but come on guys at least make it work for one person
Update: also trying the female profile always results in SAVE ERROR on the scales my male one seems to work sometimes

I will contact Qardio maybe they can roll back the firmware to a working one :¬( and i will update here
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The manufacturer commented on the review (What's this?)
Hi Bryan,

We appreciate your feedback on the QardioBase 2. Every new user needs to go through the setup process correctly in order for the scale to recognize them. During the setup process of your QardioBase 2, there is a screen that asks the user to step on the scale for their first measurement prior to clicking the "Done" button. Based on your feedback it sounds like this step may have been missed and as such, your QardioBase 2 will see the new user as a guest. Not to worry, there is an easy fix for this. They simply need to go through setup again, dry feet and no socks to ensure that they see your name on the scale prior to selecting the "Done" button.
Once the scale immediately recognizes the users automatically, it will update the App with the measurement. If you have to go to the claim screen to see a measurement, it means that the scale was not properly associated with the user account during set up. Not to worry, we can help simply send us an email to Support@getqardio.com or give us a call at 855-240-7323. Our Support team here would love the opportunity to improve your experience.

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