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22 October 2016
No psychologisation of magic, no New Age fluff, and down to Earth.Mr Nottingham's "Foundations of Practical Sorcery" is essentially the author's personal grimoire, organised and adapted for publication as a complete introduction suitable for both the novice and matured magical practitioner with preference for the Western Mystery Tradition within a dominant Kabbalistic framework making reference to cunningman folk wisdom and herblore, geomancy, and spirit conjurations.

The first text, ‘Liber Noctis’, sets the foundation for Mr Nottingham’s approach to (good ole’) English ‘practical sorcery’. In a brief, yet concise and pragmatic fashion, Mr Nottingham introduces the aspiring sorcerer to a fully operational magical working space. He then introduces banishing and invoking pentagram rites influenced heavily by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s assimilation of the Kabbalah, grimoiric materials, and Enochiana, and his own preference for English folklore and herblore, Latin ceremonial vernacular, and the Theban script as his linguistic methods for appropriating the nature and objectives of his rites. Mr Nottingham also demonstrates his esoteric fluency in elemental magic infused with highly effective formulas of traditional folklore and herblore, geomancy, and the use of magical mirrors. In particular, I found his emphasis on the interrelationship of sorcery and Luna, and the applicability of magical fluids tremendously insightful and effective.

Mr Nottingham espouses the applications of Western esoteric astrological sympathies and correspondences in his system of traditional planetary magic, along with the construction and use of talismans to attract and effectuate planetary forces and entities throughout each volume. Mirrors and shewstones in magical practice are important tools for practical sorcery, which Mr Nottingham does tremendous job in convincing the aspiring sorcerer to work with herbs, aromas, and fluid condensers. As expected taking into consideration his flair with elemental magic, geomantic divination and sigils form a significant part of his system of practical sorcery.

An insightful and practical modern-day grimoire for those seeking something more hands-on and less theosophic that I highly recommend.
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