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10 July 2019
In a London where magic has been banned, and magicians, or "Abras" as they are know, work for criminal gangs , a demon summoning goes very badly wrong, unleashing a force more terrible and terrifying than most Abras could even imagine. Despite hating magic and everything it involves, con artist Amanda is forced to try to destroy the demon, using a crew of people waiting for an opportunity to double cross her. Their mission is to transport the human host and the demon temporarily trapped inside to a remote region in Siberia and perform an arcane ritual to send the demon back where it came from, but it is not going to be easy, The journey will be fraught with danger, death and dirty dealings, and its likely that not everyone will survive.
This is a thrilling and intense book, most of the time the reader is trapped along with Amanda, her crew and the demon , in a sealed container heading to Siberia by rail. This generates a real feeling of claustrophobia and certainly contributes to the constantly rising tension, The background of how the demon was raised, how he broke free and why the stakes are so high for all of Amanda's crew is revealed in a series of flashbacks from multiple perspectives , including , most interestingly , some from that of the demon itself. While this could be a good idea, unfortunately it wasn't always the clearest way of telling the story.
The idea of a world where magic is dealt illicitly,and controlled by gangs and cartels was an interesting one, and I liked how the author developed the idea in the book.
I read and reviewed an ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher, all opinions are my own.
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