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7 September 2015
After the relatively disappointing 'Hot Fuzz', 'The World's End' brings the Cornetto Trilogy to a fitting end. This is a denser, perhaps more serious story, for all its robot humanoids and superbly choreographed fights; characters have proper backstories beyond the school pals reunion set-up and even the alien-takeover plot is less one-dimensional than you'd expect. Edgar Wright's direction has matured too. Sure he still uses his arsenal of visual tricks, but in a much more contained way than in 'Shaun of the Dead' or 'Hot Fuzz'.
The Blu-Ray has an astonishing amount of extras in terms of features (nearly all of which are comprehensive and, more importantly, interesting!) and the commentary is everything you'd expect.
'Shaun of the Dead', however, remains this team's crowning glory, in my view. I might admire the maturity that Pegg, Frost & Wright have attained here, but the first film has a unique energy borne out of the experiences of 'Spaced' that means it never outstays its welcome and makes it endlessly re-watchable.
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