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1 February 2018
Right, let’s get down to my thoughts…

So much to say about this novel which I will shorten down Was by A LOT !!

Firstly I shall tell you about the book.

Alison had a normal life but then it went from normal to disastrous in 0.3 seconds. Her marriage broke down. Her husband cheated. Her sister-in-law died.

The OMG…the ending wasn’t what I imagined at ALL!!
It had me scratching my head all the way through, it was CRAZY!!

It’s definitely correctly filed under psychological thriller because it totally messed with your mind.

This novel was really well written, It is organised into three sections. Which are: Resentment, The Lesser Evil and Conscience.

It flipped from reality to fiction throughout, her parents kept massive secrets from her. Due to her life flipping 180 degrees, her friend suggested for her to see a psychiatrist which didn’t go too well. She ended up seeing another psychiatrist which she didn’t know that her parents was connected too.

The way this novel was set up is super interesting and mind-blowing.

Adrian (her brother) had Borderline Personality Disorder despite the things he has done because of it, not talking to his parents etc. He was still there supporting his sister.

The way borderline personality disorder is was really good the author had an understanding on how it affects the person with the disorder, how it affected other and how people react more specifically how his parents responded, thought and acted towards him and the things he has done which his BPD is half blamed upon.

Favourite quotes

“that pain that he once felt, ultimately, was something no one else other than himself could fully comprehend.”

“what is life when there’s no love what is love and is love enough when you find that someone never letting go of that someone for eternity…”

“like a prisoner doing time in her cell, minutes now felt like hours and hours like days.”
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