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Customer Review

17 February 2017
I've been putting off writing a review because I wanted to be sure of my opinion.

My previous alarm clock was a bog standard £25 Philips one. It was a no frills item and did the job. However I HATE getting out of bed on a morning. I'm one of these people that has 8 alarms set on my mobile phone (that is hidden across the bedroom so I have to physically get out of bed to silence it) along with alarms set on my alarm clock.

I'd recently managed to kill my old alarm clock when vacuuming behind the bed (the vacuum ate the wire) so figured I'd check out amazon since I'm a prime member and get the free delivery. I'd set out with a £30 budget but once browsing amazon I discovered the wonders and promises of these wake up light alarm clocks and the £30 budget went out of the window.

So. First impressions. It is nicely constructed and has a reasonable weight to it. As another reviewer has said it wouldn't look out of place in an Apple showroom. In terms of build quality I don't see any issues.

For me (I'm 28 and quite into tech) it is very easy to use and operate. Although I did have to sit for 10 minutes with the user manual to figure out how to change the alarm sound effects, alarm volume and wake up light brightness.

When it comes to the wake up light alarm feature. It really does work! I don't spring out of bed on a morning full of beans. But I no longer need multiple alarms and I no longer fall back asleep after the alarm has sounded.

There have been a few days where I wasn't quite sure if the wakeup light had woken me up before the alarm had sounded or if I'd been woken by family members clattering about the house. I have mine set so that the gradual sunrise effect starts 30 mins before the alarm sounds... by the time the 30 minutes is up the sunrise has completed, the sound effects start and the light is burning a hole in your eyelids if you have it set to its brightest setting and on a bedside unit.

There was one day where the wake up light feature didn't really work because I'd slept facing away from it... however once the alarm itself started to sound I woke up and stayed awake because the bedroom was light from the wake up light feature.

This morning confirmed it for me. At first I thought I was dreaming. It was one of those weird half dreams where you're half asleep and half awake. I was dreaming I was stood on a hill watching the sun rise, but then I mentally woke up a bit more and realised it wasn't a dream and what I was seeing was the light from the alarm clock, through my eyelids, nearing its brightest setting prior to the alarm sounding. I opened my eyes and woke up properly just as the alarm started with the sound of birds tweeting. I felt refreshed and properly awake.... something that never usually happens for me at 5am!

In a nutshell.... For me it does work and I'm very happy with it. Yes it is expensive at £120 but it makes waking up on a dark winters morning much easier. It is nicely constructed and knowing what I know now, if I was to go back in time I'd have no hesitations in buying this item again.
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