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25 February 2017
I bought Melanie's book in Copenhagen at one of her networking events, having moved to the city six months before and having used her relocation service before and just after we moved here. As two self-employed creatives, the service she provided was perfect for us, not only because it was entirely bespoke, but because we came independently and with no relocation package or help other than the fact that I am half Danish and my family could help us with a lot of things others might not have access to. Even six months after moving, the book was useful, primarily in being an important reminder to be kind to oneself. Relocation, even if like me you know the city and culture like the back of your hand, is not easy. It is scary, isolating and there are practical things that crop up the like of which you probably won't have thought about. For me the section of the book that was most useful was the part about moving with children. Despite what the reviewer above me said, this book is not filled with advice that's plainly obvious to everyone and although I grew up in the Far East, to a Danish father and a British mother and have moved country a couple of times, I have never done it with kids – the advice in the book about children is the advice Melanie gave me personally, and it's advice I couldn't possibly have known before we moved and was so incredibly valuable. There are many people in the world who have never moved country and for whom a lot of Melanie's advice won't be plainly obvious. One small book cannot possibly cover the visa and red tape issues etc in every single country because they're all so different, as are the challenges that each presents. So take this as a good starting point to a relocation and know that OF COURSE you'll have to do a lot more country-specific research of your own on top of it. For me, the parts of the book that are about the emotional side of moving – rather than the practical – resonate the most, and that's only because I have already relocated. If I hadn't moved, the practical advice Melanie offers would have been useful – just as it was when she gave it to me in person on various Skype calls we had before we made the leap. Well done Melanie, writing and self-publishing a book is no mean feat. And it's a great little hand-hold for anyone about to make the huge decision to change their lives completely.
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