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Customer Review

10 January 2016
I am a total newbie to the trading world. I started researching the financial stock market about a year ago, looking to make money. I couldn't afford to buy shares, I then finally came across to spreadbetting. I found that spreadbetting was accessible to pretty much everyone with not much money needed to start. I done a lot and I mean a lot of research, reading articles, books , youtube videos and realised this was for me. I then came across Vince's course, at first I was sceptical (probably like everyone) paying £200 for the course. Then thought if you can't afford to spend £200 on a course that will enhance your trading you shouldn't trade because trading you will lose more. I purchased the course about September time I read the course, prior to this I already had a demo account running and I was doing pretty well. After completing the course I opened a real account and I can say I am in profit. It's slow steady profit and growing, in one week I made £600. Don't get me wrong I have had losing trades, its the controlled risk management that's pinnacle in staying in the market a long time. Vince course covers this, money management, don't put too much capital in one trade. You could have 5 losing trading in a row but the 6 trade could make up for the loses and make profit, be patient. I can't emphasis enough but STICK TO THE RULES!!!!! STICK TO THE RULES!!!! I made silly mistakes not sticking to the rules and lost money, I've learnt from this. Vince course effectively taught my a new craft, however I believe you need to keep learning about the market to succeed. I'm still reading books, articles and videos expanding my knowledge to the point I have started to develop my own strategy with a bit of Vince's which is working well so far. Vince's course is a massive stepping stone into trading. I highly recommended it , my advice is to be patience, don't get greedy and work hard!!!
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