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Customer Review

5 August 2018
(Read using Kindle Unlimited)

This is quite an intricate tale about two warring realms. One no longer has magic but the other does and unfortunately it's King has nothing but a thirst for power, an enjoyment of inflicting pain & a deep desire to seek revenge against the woman he loved that spurned him - Oh but she died in childbirth 20years ago so he figures crushing her husband, who happens to be the other realms King and her two children will do - after all he's been torturing her Father for all of those 20 years so it's time others suffered too, Right?!?!😳😳

This is a story of love, family, betrayal, murder & an epic journey to restore magic to their realm before King Calis invades or starvation kills their people 😢
Prince Trystan, his bestfriend & Second in Command Davi, Princess Rissa, Lady Alixa plus Avery their top sword Master & Edric one of Alixa's oldest friends, have succeeded in finding & gaining the agreement of the first of the Tri-Gard to restore the magic they ripped from their earth 20 years prior ... Now they must locate & convince the second. They know where the third is - King Calis has him in his dungeons!!!😳😢 Piece of cake 🍰😉

A thoroughly enjoyable read!!!👍

Debbie, 1970, UK
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4.4 out of 5 stars