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19 June 2017
Garett’s Bones, a tale of deep friendship, developing feelings, mystery and magic.
A young girl goes missing and the two best friends set out to find her which leads to them unlocking the doors to a spiritual adventure filled with romance, magic, desperation, and mystery.
Karen DeMers Dowdall, does a marvelous job of showing us the surroundings while maintaining a steady pace. Her descriptions of the enchanting forest through the eyes of Anna was decorated with a skilled selection of words that, I think, most Authors or seasoned readers could appreciate. Saying that however, this is not to be mistaken as a book excessively showered with painful words that would have you reading more of the dictionary than the book itself and I know some people love that sort of writing, I don’t, as I find it destroys my reading momentum. I admire Katherine’s ability to articulate the simple everyday words and use them beyond their common uses in a fresh way to define feelings and scenery.
I found story compelling and I truly loved Garrett and Anna’s characters. I connected with Anna, reminding me of myself, who often relied on grandma’s words of wisdom and Garretts access to native American lore which portrayed him to be wise beyond his years. I wondered how the spirits would play their part in the story but it all came together well. The transition of hidden feelings and the situations formed to dig deep and bring them to the surface was written, I would say, with the hand of experience.
I remember whilst reading one chapter I blurted out, “no, don’t do it Garrett!” and everyone present responded with a stare as if I suddenly sprouted chicken wings before they burst into laughter. I always say if a book can get you to respond to the characters to a degree where you are speaking out aloud then the characters were very well developed. The connection to the disturbance in the spirit realm and Anna’s mother’s happiness among other things will have you thinking.

The ending was very touching. The author really knows how to put her full weight and take a swing from one side of the Earth to the other on your heart strings.
The book was an excellent page turner and a quick read that will keep you entertained. I give it a 5/5
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