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Customer Review

19 December 2014
If you are looking to join the Royal Marines then I would suggest this book becomes your 'must have' guideline and that you follow it and learn from it. If you are just interested in gaining an insight into what is probably the hardest Military training in the world, then this is also a great read for you. A 3rd group who might read this book is that if you have a son or brother, maybe a boyfriend or husband who is looking to join the Royal Marines, this book will give you an insight into just what they will face. Hopefully meaning you will be able to give greater support.

About the book:
The author yet again has shown his writing skills by making this a very clear easy to follow guideline as to what is expected in the PRMC.

What do you get in this book?
You get 10 chapters which are broken down in a logical way. The introduction, The PRMC, The PRMC broken down, how to pass, fitness levels, mental strength guidance, nutrition, a detailed training program, questions and answers and finally a conclusion.

This easy to read book will allow you to follow a structured approach to all areas required, it is packed with tips in areas such as the three mile run, the gym test 1, tests such as the VO2 max, press ups (how to do these in the expected way and how this is scored), sit ups (including techniques and a link to the sit up test audio), pull ups (again with links to the pull-up test audio) the swim test. Note all of these tests take place on day 1 of the PRMC test. In this example this is Chapter 3, The PRMC Broken down day 1. The author very cleverly ends with a day 1 conclusion with tips and a summary of what you should have learned. Each chapter follows this approach and allows you to have a clear understanding of what you should have learned from that chapter.

Top tip example – Chapter 5: Improving fitness. How to improve pull ups (you are probably reading this thinking you struggle with pull ups). Again and thanks to the author, this is broken down and explained how to improve / make little tweaks to improve. Again there are 100s of tips in this book ranging from sprints, endurance, circuit training etc

I know from Sean’s work that he has often said he would not be where he is today had it not been for his time in the Royal Marines. I see this book as a very kind gesture from Sean to help people to get to where they want to go (into the Royal Marines), based on his past experience and knowledge. Given the low price to purchase this book (£6.49 – sacrifice a few beers with your mates and it's covered) you would be crazy not to have this book as it is a way to help you reach your goal.

In summary and taking this from the stats – for every 60 young men on the PRMC, only 35 on average will pass making that a 58% pass rate or a 42% fail rate. Whilst not everyone will pass (for various reasons), by reading this book you will increase your chances of being in the pass rate group.

Happy reading and good luck.
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