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G. Stray "Geoff Stray" (Glastonbury, Somerset, UK)

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Pro11 wellbeing Ergonomic adjustable kneeling posture correcting chair (Black)
Pro11 wellbeing Ergonomic adjustable kneeling posture correcting chair (Black)

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 24 May 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
my back actually feels like itsa healing after sitting on this!

Giants on Record: America's Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files
Giants on Record: America's Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files
by Jim Vieira
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Tour-de-Force of a book., 19 Oct. 2015
Like most people, I thought that stories of giants associated with the building of mounds and other ancient sites were the result of the mythology that surrounds the sites, including stories of the Devil being involved, and people turned to stone for dancing on the Sabbath. However, having read the tour-de-force Giants on Record, by Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira and, I have now changed my mind. The avalanche of evidence unearthed by the authors leaves the reader with no option but to agree with them. Illustrations include photo-copies of many original news headlines and stories that repeatedly say the massive bones from many ancient graves were taken away for study by the Smithsonian, who now deny all knowledge of many of these bones, even though their own records confirm they once had them. The reasons why this conspiracy of silence has occurred are even more controversial! This is essential reading for anyone interested in history, archaeology, or ancient sites.

2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intruiging Date in History
2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intruiging Date in History
by John Major Jenkins
Edition: Hardcover

10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I couldn't put it down!!, 12 Nov. 2009
John Major Jenkins has written a great book in The 2012 Story. It tells the story of how the 2012 code was cracked, and shows that, over and over again, since the first explorers discovered crumbling ruins of Maya cities, the great discoveries and leaps in knowledge and understanding have been made by amateur enthusiasts, rather than lettered academics. Of course, they are never really given the full credit, and the same thing is still happening today. Jenkins presents new evidence that comes from some of the first scholars to break ranks, that the Maya not only knew about precession, and encoded it in their codices and inscriptions, but they also encoded the galactic alignment event - and even recorded this in the Tortuguero Monument 6 inscription. This is the only Classic era inscription that mentions 2012. Some day after 2012, when all the hype has died down, JMJ's work will probably slowly become accepted by academia, though someone else will probably steal the limelight. This book records the recent developments, as the academic Mayanists hunker down and declare war on the 2012 topic, by denial, misinformation, misquoting, mockery, avoiding the issue, and similar tactics. Coming from some of the most respected figures in the field, this is quite shocking, but is backed up by actual audio recordings available online. This is fairly shocking.

The final part of the book is also controversial, as Jenkins offers his take on the meaning of the end of the 13-baktun cycle to the Maya. In summary, this is transformation and renewal. JMJ's new analysis of the Popul Vuh myth, comparing with recent political events is compelling and fascinating. I won't give the game away, but thoroughly recommend this book - I will be reading it again for sure!

The Everything Guide to 2012: All you need to know about the theories, beliefs, and history surrounding the ancient Mayan prophecies
The Everything Guide to 2012: All you need to know about the theories, beliefs, and history surrounding the ancient Mayan prophecies
by Mark Heley
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

21 of 21 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A brilliant summary, 12 Nov. 2009
Mark Heley's book is an excellent piece of work. It is very well written, leading logically forward from one topic to the next, getting more and more fascinating as it goes on. The second half of the book was for me most interesting, since Heley gets into the latest research and discoveries. The plasma research leads on well from the material covered in Beyond 2012 Catastrophe or Ecstasy, and Heley is not afraid to explore the most plausible of the Earth-change ideas, but ultimately comes to a very uplifting and optimistic conclusion about the forthcoming changes on this planet. You will not be disappointed in this book - it caters for the novice and also those of us who already are well-read on the topic.

Earth Grids: The Secret Patterns of Gaia's Sacred Sites (Wooden Books Gift Book)
Earth Grids: The Secret Patterns of Gaia's Sacred Sites (Wooden Books Gift Book)
by Hugh Newman
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

62 of 66 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An exciting and fascinating book, 7 Nov. 2009
This book is a godsend. there is nothing like it out there, and it is not just a compilation of hard-to-find information on Earth grids; there is also some information you won't find anywhere else, plus the most stunning graphics. Some of these graphics were produced using John Martineau's (the editor's) new software that also calculates distances on the Earth's surface, between grid points, allowing new amazing coincidences to emerge. The book is crammed with thought-provoking facts that keep the mind buzzing for days after reading it. You can ignore the review by KarmaQ, since she obviously has not read the book and is making a point about other books in the series. If you are interested in Earth mysteries, you will not be disappointed ...read it ASAP!

2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl
2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl
by Daniel Pinchbeck
Edition: Hardcover

36 of 41 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars DiaGnosis: Insufficiently relevant, 19 Feb. 2007
Daniel Pinchbeck's book 2012: the Return of

Quetzalcoatl, (UK softback edition is called: 2012: The Year of the Mayan Prophecy), while being well-written, entertaining, etc. has very

little to say about 2012. Yes, if you do an Amazon "search inside" for

the subject of 2012, you get alot of pages, but that is because the

title appears at the top of every other page...in fact, there are only

about 10 mentions of 2012 in the whole 400-page book (including front

and back flaps)...that's about once every 40 pages.

Extracts from the diagnosis2012 (dotcodotuk) review (find it with the site search engine):

Pinchbeck, a New York intellectual, describes himself as "a clearly deficient, half-dissolute figure, a `freelance journalist' of dubious repute" (p.20), and his 400-page (hardcover edition) book, 2012 - The Return of Quetzalcoatl, is an autobiographical essay that starts with his childhood experiences growing up in New York City. The book is split into six named parts but none of the chapters are named. There is no list of contents, nor are there any pictures or diagrams, nor any notes and references. However, there is an index and a bibliography. The book is well-written, but is not very gripping reading, and when finished, left me wondering if the author could have got his point over with just a short article. So what point is Pinchbeck actually making in this book? A summary of the chapters and their contents would be instructive here, so here are my chapter summaries:

Part 1: A Universe in Ruins 1: Pinchbeck's Youth, Drugs and Quetzalcoatl; 2: Psychedelics; 3: Death of Pinchbeck's Father and Ayahuasca; 4: New Physics and Jung; 5: 9/11

Part 2: The Serpent Temple 1: Daimonic Reality; 2: Crop Circles; 3: Terence McKenna; 4: Christianity

Part 3: Lucifer and Ahriman 1; UFOs; 2: Streiber and Abduction; 3: Glastonbury Crop Circle Symposium 2002; 4; Goswami and Steiner

Part 4: The Loom of Maya 1: The Maya According to Arguelles; 2: Gebser; 3: Deep into Arguelles; 4: Jenkins, Calleman and Arguelles

Part 5: The Dance of Kali 1: Iboga in Mexico; 2: Hawaiian Healing; 3: Symposium 2003, Crabwood Alien, Stonehege and Avebury; 4: Crop Circles - Schnabel, Irving, Martineau, Brown

Part 6: The Lord of The Dawn 1: Burning Man Festival; 2: Pinchbeck's Sex Life; 3: Santo Daime and Channelling Quetzalcoatl 4: Jung on the Book of Job and More Daime; 5: The Quetzalcoatl Transmission; 6: Quetzalcoatl/Akosha/666 = Author, Recommends Global Calendar Change

Epilogue: The Hopi and Calleman

Errors and more errors...see online review for a full list...

Pinchbeck excuses these errors in advance, in the book (p.20), when he declares himself "a generalist, a perceiver of pattern rather than a delver into detail". The pattern that he perceived is that a global transformation of consciousness has been predicted by philosophers such as Steiner, Goswami and Gebser, and is supported by the Psychologist Carl Jung and findings from quantum physics - a quantum leap also fits in with evolutionary theory, in which changes are made in sudden jumps - punctuated equilibrium. In fact, Gebser says we are in the 4th evolving stage - archaic, magical, mythical, and mental-rational., and are on the verge of a mutation, or transition to a 5th stage - "integral and aperspectival, characterized by the realization of time freedom and ego freedom". This fits in well with the Hopi system, in which we are in the 4th World, approaching the 5th World.

Steiner, Pinchbeck points out, also said we are in the 4th incarnation of the Earth, and approaching 5th incarnation, or "Jupiter state". We have 3 bodies already formed - the physical body, the ether body, and the astral body, and in the 4th incarnation we are strengthening the "I" or ego-body, by changing the desires and cravings that "pour into us through the astral body", or "transmuting lower passions into higher energies". This will create a 5th body called the 'spirit self', and in the Jupiter state, the "spirit self will experience its full unfolding".


Although Pinchbeck spends a lot of time looking at Jose Arguelles' ideas, and finds that the 13-moon calendar proposed by Arguelles is faulty, he is convinced by Arguelles' arguments that the following of the Gregorian calendar is the basic problem underlying the major problems in the world, and he recommends "a meeting of minds from various spiritual traditions, indigenous cultures, and scientific disciplines, capable of overcoming factional discord to create a new global standard, one that can meet with global acceptance." This would be "a necessary part of the solution" to "our enslavement by artificial time" (p.377). He recommends that this congress takes place in Glastonbury, which is the UK town that is most densely packed with followers of the Arguelles 13-moon Dreamspell calendar - so holding the event there might prove counter-productive, unless PAN - the Planet Art Network, (who promote the adoption of Dreamspell as the solution) were first persuaded that the 13-moon calendar is not the best one for the job. Pinchbeck also comments on the ego-inflation of the Arguelles channellings, yet surprisingly ends up providing his own transmission.

The book is a rambling autobiographical tale, peppered with quotes from philosophers but it doesn't actually have much to say about 2012, apart from a weakly argued crop circle connection; the ambiguous study of Arguelles, the theory of Carl Calleman, in which the evolutionary shift is actually all over by 2012; a brief mention of John Major Jenkins' work, and even briefer one of McKenna's Timewave. As one enthusiastic reader put it, when he finally finished the book, "...I'm not sure what I learned or if I learned anything tangible that can be described with words..." (from a 2012 Tribe discussion ). However, if the interesting points in The Pattern Perceived, above, had been concentrated into an article, rather than spread out through the book, then that would have made very interesting reading.

Having said all that, I have to admire Pinchbeck's willingness to stick his neck out, bare his soul and tell his story to get this important subject out there and into the mind of humanity.

To read the full review and author's reply, go to diagnosis2012 (dotcodotukslashpinchdothtm)
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2012 - Year of the Apocalypse: The Destruction and Resurrection of Earth
2012 - Year of the Apocalypse: The Destruction and Resurrection of Earth
by Edward Arnold
Edition: Paperback

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars DiaGnosis: Poorly researched drivel, 19 Feb. 2007
Edward Arnold's book, 2012 - Year of the Apocalypse - The Destruction and resurrection of Earth, by Edward Arnold, seemed like it might be interesting. It is 124 pages long, with no pictures. It gives a brief history of UFOs, alien abduction, the Chinese Dropa stones, crop circles, the Greys and Nordics, Gods, Jesus, Tammuz, and it eventually gets around to mentioning 2012 on page 99. As soon as the Maya are mentioned the errors start. The start-date is given as "August 31, 3114 BC" instead of August 13th, which would still be incorrect, as the end-date of 21st December 2012 is given, which applies to the other start-date of 11th August 3114 BC. Arnold also confuses the Calendar Round and the Long Count (P.98-99) and says "This calendar is not like the one we know today, but we did acquire ours from them".

No, Mr.Arnold, we didn't get our calendar from the Maya! This mistake is inexcusable. Arnold goes on to totally misunderstand Galactic Alignment, saying that "During our 250 million year journey around the Galactic Center, our solar system finds its way into the center of the Milky way every 26,000 years, then shortly moves back out." (p.102). Arnold goes on to describe the solar system entering the Dark Rift! (and repeats it on p. 109).I am so gobsmacked at this display of ignorance that I'm beginning to think these books (see item 209 above) are part of a disinformation campaign to pour ridicule on this subject. Arnold goes on to bring in Arguelles' "galactic synchronisation", "which is a solar event. That is why the Maya talk about the coming Solar Age". He also says the sun will go super-nova in 2.5 million years, rather than 4.5 billion, that there were mammoths in Antarctica, and starts talking about Sodom and Gomarrah and "evildoers" being cleansed from the Earth. He says we "can find all we need without lowering ourselves to the ways of heathens and pagans by praying and making ourselves subservient to gods." (p.120). He praises his training in the Marines, which encouraged recruits to leave behind any thoughts of God, and then starts quoting from "the scriptures".(p.120-121).

In some ways, this book is even more nauseating than the Ark of Millions of Years Vol.2.

Orion Prophecy 2012: Prophecies from the Maya and the Old Egyptians: Egyptian and Mayan Prophecies on the Cataclysm of 2012 (Egyptian & Mayan Prophecies on the Cateclysm of 2012)
Orion Prophecy 2012: Prophecies from the Maya and the Old Egyptians: Egyptian and Mayan Prophecies on the Cataclysm of 2012 (Egyptian & Mayan Prophecies on the Cateclysm of 2012)
by Patrick Geryl
Edition: Paperback
Price: £16.99

21 of 22 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars DiaGnosis: Checking the facts destroys the thesis, 19 Feb. 2007
Briefly, the authors claim that the Egyptian Book of the Dead contains information concerning a catastrophe that happened in 9792 BC, when the earth stopped its rotation and started to rotate in the opposite direction, causing the tidal wave that swamped Atlantis. The knowledge was carried to Egypt, where the Atlantean kings became the gods of Egyptian mythology. The knowledge of the catastrophe, and how to predict its future arrival, was encoded into the texts which were included in the collection known as "The Book of Coming Forth by Day" (the Book of the Dead), but it was primarily guarded for posterity in The Labyrinth, which was purpose-built by the Atlantean descendants as an astronomical observatory. The authors claim that the Labyrinth was not destroyed, as claimed by the Egyptologists, but lies buried at a location they discovered by laying a sky-map over a map of Egypt, (with Giza as the belt of Orion), and projecting the Hyades star-group (known as "the labyrinth") onto the ground.

They also discovered that there was a retrograde loop of Venus in the year 9792 BC, that matches another one in 2012, and after finding it, discovered that the phenomenon was encoded into the Book of the Dead, as an astronomical signal that the catastrophe is at hand...so the forthcoming loop signifies a coming Atlantis-like flood in 2012!

However, their claims don't hold up to investigation! When the constellation of Orion is overlaid on a map of the Giza pyramids, the Hyades are not even in the same direction as the pyramid at Hawara, where the authors say the Labyrinth building is located.

What is more, there are actually 12 retrograde loops of Venus over the Orion constellation, between 1924 and 2012, due to the fact that a loop happens in a different place around the horizon over a period of 8 years, forming a pentagram if the points are joined up...but the start-point of the pentagram moves by about 2.4 degrees each revolution. So, when the 12 loops are compared to the one in 9792 BC, it turns out that the most accurate repetition of the 9792 BC loop is the one that occurred in 1948...with no Atlantis cataclysm just after it!

These facts destroy the whole thesis of the book!

For the full review, with pictures, links and reply from the authors, go to the diagnosis2012 website

The Ark of Millions of Years Volume Two: 2012 and the Harvest of the End Times
The Ark of Millions of Years Volume Two: 2012 and the Harvest of the End Times
by Mary England
Edition: Paperback
Price: £15.95

28 of 30 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars DiaGnosis: An insult to the intelligence, 19 Feb. 2007
The recent publication of The Ark of Millions of Years Volume Two sounded interesting, since the subtitle is 2012 and the Harvest of the End Times. The 331-page book has very poor quality graphics, many of which are blurred and pixelated images downloaded from the net with no acknowledgement to their origin. There is an acknowledgement of the author's cat, however - the book is dedicated to it! The authors, E.J. Clark and B. Alexander Agnew, Ph.D seem to see themselves as archaeologist-explorers in the vein of Indiana Jones, but their book shows that they have simply read a few New Age authors such as Arguelles, Yaxkin-Joy and/or Hunbatz Men, (or more likely, got the information second hand, off the internet), have misunderstood them, not done any proper research or checking and have mixed in the Nephilim of Sitchin and a large dose of biblical material. They even attribute the Tzolkin to Abraham or Shem (p.142). In fact it seems that the whole book is an attempt to prove and justify the bible (p.147-148). Their list of errors is huge. Here are a few:

1. Talking of Dreamspell's "galactic tones" and other concepts as if they are genuine artefacts of the Maya calendars (p.117-131)

2. Announce that Arguelles is deceased (p.120)

3. Show 2 Dreamspell Tzolkin grids and say one is the original design, while the other is modern (just because the former includes Maya numerals) p.121`-122.

4. Wrongly state that the Maya used wheels to measure time, since many people use interlocking wheels to help explain Maya calendars. (p.129-131).

5. They call the 52-year Calendar Round and 104-year Venus Round the "short count". The Short Count is actually a 13-katun cycle of just under 260 solar years (260 tuns). (p.132)

6. They state that the Maya had a 28-day lunar cycle. (p.132). The cycle was in fact alternately 29 and 30 days, with extra interpolated 30-day months.

7. They state that "The Tzolk'in (pronounced Zol Keen) is the divine or religious long count calendar of the Maya used to measure the cycles of the Pleiades, a cycle being 26,000 years." (p.132 and also p.141). The Tzolkin is NOT the Long Count, and the rest is an over-simplification - the movement of the Pleiades was used to check the precessional movement towards the alignment in 2012, (by the Maya of Chichen Itza), which only happens every 26,000 years.

8. Another misunderstanding: "The Tzolk'in calendar ends on December 21, 2012, at precisely 11.11.am GMT". (p.143). No, it is the 13-baktun cycle of the Long Count calendar that ends on 21 December 2012, but not at 11.11. That is when the Winter Solstice occurs. It is debateable amongst Mayanists as to when the date rolls over - either dusk, dawn, or midnight.

8. They state that the Haab is the Calendar Round. (p.135)

9. Mixed start and end-dates: start date: Aug 13 3114 BC (p.136) end-date: 23 December 2012 (p.139), buit also talks of Galactic Alignment, (p.136), which is applicable only if the other correlation is used - start date 11 August 3114 BC; end-date 21 December 2012. On p.153, both dates are given, "December 21-23") showing the authors' confusion.

10. "The Aztecs used a sacred calendar called the Tonalpohualli, a long count calendar borrowed from the Mayan Tzolk'in system with some modifications added." The Tzolkin (and Tonalpohualli) ARE NOT the same as the Long Count!

11. The central panel of the Aztec Sunstone is presented as the entire Sunstone. The reason is that it was copied from the internet, and only the central panel of the colour rendition by Roberto Sieck Flandes can be found online. If you want to see the whole painting, see Beyond 2012 colour plates.

12. Galactic Alignment is stated to be "the winding down of precession". Galactic Alignment is a 36-year time window in the 26,000-year cycle of precession - not the end of it.

There are many more errors, but I'm sure you get the gist of this. This book is actually an insult to the intelligence!

Doomsday 2012: A Survival Manual
Doomsday 2012: A Survival Manual
by Randolph Weldon
Edition: Hardcover

3.0 out of 5 stars DiaGnosis: Entertaining but unconvincing, 19 Feb. 2007
Randolph Weldon's book, Doomsday 2012: A Survival Manual was released in March 2004. It is written in an unusual but entertaining style, that I would label as "punk-colonial". Weldon refers to himself in the third person, (ie "the author thinks..."etc) and this is how he sums up the book in one sentence:

"Having researched this subject for over a quarter-century and occupying a very high position in the celestial realm, the author presents this volume in a bid to help the untutored know and prepare for what will butcher us all within a disturbingly short span of time and supply basic information for how to reside in rosier ambience thereafter."

Weldon's quest began when he visited a regression hypnotist and experienced past life memories, including those of an Egyptian potter who lived through the disasters that occurred at the time that Moses led his people out of Egypt. The scene exactly matched that described by Immanuel Velikovsky (see Item 35) as the "Birth of Venus" that Velikovsky dated at 1500 BC. Weldon later found that in Barbara Hand Clow's book, Eye of the Centaur, she describes a past life as a Minoan priestess (in Knossos on Crete), called Aspasia, who received a warning that a massive comet was coming that would cause Thera (the huge volcano - the remains of which is now the island of Sanrorini in the Mediterranean Sea) to erupt. Aspasia was also informed that the comet returns every 3,500 years. Clow later recalled the experience of the passage of the comet and the resulting earthquake in which her life as Aspasia ended.

Weldon's hypnotist (Gregory Paxon - also Clow's) reported that another client of his also "recounted life as a young seer-priestess on that island, and died in the same apocalyptic disaster". In Item 35 we mentioned that Graham Phillips connected the events of the Exodus to the explosion o f Thera, and also that Nigel Appleby connected the giant planet Nibiru (usually said to be on an approximate 3,600-year orbit) to the same event, and predicted its return in 2012 (3,500 years later).

Amazingly, Weldon seems not to have read Zecharia Sitchen's The Twelfth Planet, but refers to another book called The Genius of the Few by Christain O'Brien (Turnstone, 1985), that comes to many of the same conclusions as Sitchen, but Weldon says that O'Brien "retranslated the cylinders and tablets and was astonished that they told the story of creation, of Adam and Eve, who brought them into existence, and how". So Weldon concludes, using Barbara Hand Clow's figure of a 3,500-year-comet cycle, added to Velikovsky's date for the Venus incident, to conclude that a "Death Star" that contributed the matter that became the embryonic Venus - pulled out by Jupiter, (rather than coming from Jupiter as Velikovsky argued), is due to return around the turn of the millennium. It would be red in colour, to fit in with the past-life memories, and would therefore be either a red dwarf star or an infrared dwarf or possibly a smaller Jupiter-like planet. It couldn't be a red giant as that would be the size of the Earth's orbit. The minimum size of a red/infrared dwarf is between a tenth and twelfth the size of the Sun, according to Weldon, but another possibility is a proto-sun like Jupiter but with a minimum size of 2 times the size of Jupiter (600 times the size of Earth). On p.173, Weldon says that the IRAS satellite (Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite) should have detected any infrared dwarf out there, when it scanned the entire sky in 1983, but it failed to pick anything up. He obviously didn't know about this announcement in the Washington Post (30/12/83).

See below

Weldon spends some time knocking down uniformitarianism and Darwinian evolution and refers to various books on cosmology and cataclysms to support his case, but there is no reference section, bibliography or index to help with verification or summarising.

As an aside, it is pretty ironic that Weldon used a past-life memory of Barbara Hand Clow to make his case for an imminent 2012 cataclysm, since Clow has since written a book called Catastrophobia, that argues the current obsession with imminent catastrophe is a kind of mental block in the unconscious mind of the species caused by a racial memory of a catastrophe in 9,500 BC (as posited by Allan & Delair in When the Earth Nearly Died or USA edn.: Cataclysm! - see Whats New Item 11). She says 2012 will be a leap in consciousness.

The predictions of seers including Cayce and Nostradamus, of cataclysmic events around the turn of the millennium served to add fuel to Weldon's fire, but the fact that they have not yet come true led to the conclusion that the Maya and Hopis must have got it right at 2012, and the other predictions are all 11 or 12 years out.

Weldon says that the difference between the coming event and the previous visits of the Death Star is that this time we have over 500 nuclear installations, millions of gallons of radioactive waste and thousands of nuclear bombs that will all be unleashed in the mayhem, leading to a double catastrophe - the second one will be the smattering of survivors all dying of radiation poisoning....but that's only the first half of the book!

The second half of the book aims to show that life will continue in the astral planes and that it is up to us to use our remaining time to try and clear our karmic debts, otherwise we will end up on the lower astral, in the "House of Hopelessness" or the slightly better "Plane of Illusion", both of which the author claims to have visited during his nocturnal projections with his guides. We should actually seek out adversity for ourselves in order to help balance up for any nasty behaviour in this life or any previous ones. The book will ruffle a few feathers with its non-PC terminology and slightly patronising tone, but it certainly makes a change from the run-of-the-mill New Age material.

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